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Sydney Writers Festival 2018

Dear readers and writers The fabulous Sydney Writers Festival is coming up in May. Along with my friend Viv Lewis, I am thrilled to be able to offer my memoir workshop The Unbelievable Truth. The three-hour workshop will be at Varuna, the writing retreat in Katoomba, on Friday April 27 from 10am-1pm. $60/70.

Workshops are exciting as a chance to mix with other writers and learn from them. This workshop will be similar to one I offered at St Albans Writers Festival, giving insights on the top three difficulties of memoir writing and hands-on exercises to help you to overcome them. Nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to gain 🙂 Come along.

In the meantime, the Writers Gym is meeting at Gleebooks in Glebe on Wednesday afternoons 2.30-4.30. Contact me for more details.

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