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Mr Fluffy Goes Home

In steerage again my doggy senses tell me that we’re sailing north – the way home. At my age, I’m always keen to get back to home base, though I can make the car a home if necessary. Last night I slept patiently on the passenger seat while my humans watched the smelly swimming birds come in to feed their chicks that live in burrows. Even if I was starving I wouldn’t eat one of those things, and they’d be no fun to chase either, since they never rise into the air.

This trip was shorter than our trip west, but wilder in some ways. Several nights we camped alone in the wild bush or beach, once in a thunderstorm complete with rain. Luckily, sleeping dogs can lie just about anywhere. Just the same, I think I’ll stay home next time, lest I end up sleeping with the fishes.

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