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I’ve always loved stories and been fascinated by how they work. Studying and experimenting with story structure over the years has given me the skills to help others tell their story in more effective ways. Teaching, workshops and collaboration are exciting for me and I look for opportunities to work with others.


I balance my fascination with the stories and processes of others with my own work. What can I say? Stories are my thing. And they create our world.


Manuscript Development and Mentoring

Looking for feedback to take your manuscript to the next level?

Writers need feedback before they submit work to publishers, and even more so before taking the road to self-publication. My manuscript development service gives a comprehensive report on your manuscript, looking at structure, style, tone, characterisation, dramatic tension and all the other elements essential to create a compelling read. I assess fiction and non-fiction books and stories at any stage of the process.


What you get: 

a comprehensive written report giving an overview of major achievements and challenges in the project

phone consultation

your hard-copy manuscript marked up with suggestions on how to create a more compelling draft.

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Are you ready to tell the story of your life?

Sometimes it's just all too hard. If you want someone else to write the story of your life, I may be able to help. Whether you're looking for an illustrated narrative of family history for your kids, or to commemorate a special occasion, a brief bio for your website, or even a full-length narrative of how you built your business - contact me to discuss. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone's story is important and can be interesting, if you have the courage to put it out there. Telling your story is a powerful way to connect with others.



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